?In terms of the daily gold line, Qiu Yihao has always stressed that there is repression around 2322.5. Tuesday's relatively strong retreat process does not mean the end of the market's rise. As long as the long empty watershed position of 2315 and 2225 is not broken below, the market remains long; as seen from the above figure, the gold step back will form a shock process, forming a triangular consolidation process on the trend line, and shrinking. The trend line will continue to rise or step back on Friday, so today's trading mode is to keep high selling and low slag without breaking the trend line. The trend line has an upward trend in four hours of gold. Yesterday, it just touched the formation process of the suppression line of wave C above. At present, it has reachepc蛋蛋预测.神测网大古 d the lower support line, and there is no problem to intervene in the support line, with the number of 2322. As a defensive bullish; the specific operation: 2, 2325-2325 can intervene more, stop 2322, target 2321-2322, break 2325; 2, 2322 can not break, near 2321 can intervene empty, stop 2325, target 2323-2324;